EITR welcomes Tommy Huynh!

Tommy Huynh joined Elephant In The Room as the new lead vocalist on June 24, 2018.  Already a successful radio producer and engineer, Tommy was previously the lead vocalist of the band Garage Orphans.

With Tommy at the mic, Elephant In The Room’s playlist automatically grows, giving us the ability to perform a whole host of additional music, in a higher gear.

Keyboards are here!

Tor and his new keyboards on May 30, 2018 at our double-secret rehearsal space.

Elephant in the Room has moved into a new dimension.

Our bassist, Torleif Sorenson, who already wields a massive six-string bass guitar, has added keyboards (and a few hundred pounds of equipment) to the band.  In essence, Tor has become Elephant In The Room’s answer to Rush’s Geddy Lee – minus the lead vocals, the long hair, and the big beak.