Mitch Berg (Guitars, vocals)

Mitch Berg, from Saint Paul, plays guitars, harmonica, and sings.

Mitch has been a bandleader since long before he could vote.  

By day, Mitch is a software / UX designer.  Outside the office, he also does a little radio, and wrote a book a few years ago.

His solo project, The Supreme Soviet of Love, includes a 2017 CD release, See Red, of which the less said, Mitch says, the better.

On-stage, Mitch is the swizzle stick that stirs the cocktail of the band’s live shows, including a (perhaps excessive) willingness to chuck the set-list when audiences want to keeping dancing and rockin’.

For band trivia geeks, his past groups include:

  • The Supreme Soviet of Love
  • Joe Public
  • Tenants Union
  • Deacon Blues and the Wrecking Crew
  • The legendary North Dakota classic rock band Blitz

Mitch has also been a session musician, including a few stints in theatrical pit orchestras at theaters in the Twin Cities and the Dakotas.  And after a few beers, he might break out the bagpipes.